Pioneering a new challenge

Myself and Liam Daglish, a friend of mine, have decided to embark on a journey and push ourselves to new limits this year. We are signing up to compete in “The Pioneer” cross country mountain bike race which takes place in the South Island of New Zealand this November. 460km in length, the 6 day […]

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Endless markets bustling with people competing for space. An army of food carts offering an incredible variety of the strangest and most wonderful foods. All manner of freshly butchered animals out on display. The rancid smell of fish guts mixed with the fragrant smell of infused lemongrass creating a rare pong. Hiding in their air […]

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Padang, Rendang and Nasi Goreng

One of the things that I like most about travelling is getting the chance to try all of the different foods in each of the countries you visit. The food in New Zealand was generally similar to what is consumed in the Western world. The Maori liked their Hangii (meat and vegetables slow cooked underground) […]

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Bali Bagus!

Bagus, one of the few Balinese words that I have picked up while in Indonesia. It means fantastic or cool. Many locals utter it often in a range of circumstances. I myself blurt it out at times when I genuinely don’t know what else to say. Bali is a mesmerisingly frantic and absolutely fantastic island […]

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When will I learn????

I keep telling myself that I have bad luck. Bad things seem to follow me around. Since deciding to venture around the world, the universe has for some reason decided to conspire against me. Right on cue when arriving to New Zealand my bags were delayed for 24 hours. On the bright side I got […]

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As I approach the end of my working holiday in NZ, it dawns on me how time has passed by in the blink of an eye. This tends to happen when you’re enjoying every moment of it. New Zealand is fucking amazing! I clearly remember first setting foot here, touching down in Auckland International Airport. […]

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Taking the first steps

Taking the first steps in the redirecting of your life’s path are undoubtedly the toughest and most daunting. This decision could be life changing, it could make or break you. A world of unknowns await you, good things, as well as bad things, will inevitably happen to you, you will be tested to your limits, […]

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